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How to help your child with reading

The children are really starting to enjoy their books and reading is a great way of spending quality time together.  To help your child make progress with their reading, please try the following ideas:

- Help them to break down new words by chopping up the different sounds and then blending them back together. Can they use picture clues to help?

- Talk to them about the book. Ask questions about what is happening in the book and how different characters are feeling or acting at different points.

- Look at the punctuation in the books. Discuss question and exclamation marks and why they are used.


We actively encourage the children to read a little bit every night or at least 3 times per week to an adult at home. This is in addition to the reading they do in school. Please remember to sign your child's reading record as this also helps your child to move along the classroom reading chart.

Thanks for your continued support.


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Sidemoor First School, Perryfields Road, Bromsgrove, B61 8QN
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