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Magnets and Force!

DSCN2224 Small

In Science this half term, Year 3 are focusing on investigating magnets and forces. Yesterday, we conducted an experiment to see which magnet would hold the most weight.

DSCN2221 Small

We made a prediction about which magnet we thought would hold the most paper clips and why and which one we thought would be the weakest. We then worked in different groups to investigate the different magnets and record our results.

DSCN2223 Small

The children were very upset that our prediction wasn't correct but that upset soon turned to excitement when our strongest magnet could hold a MASSIVE 36 paper clips (and made a chain that was nearly taller than Miss Adams). 

DSCN2228 Small

This was 31 paper clips more than the weakest magnets. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experiment and can't wait to do their next one!

DSCN2226 Small


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