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Literacy activities for you to try at home

Activities for you to try at home with your little ones:


  • Continue to sing lots of different Nursery rhymes
  • Make up your own words to some well-known Nursery rhymes, or see if your child notices when you sing the wrong words.
  • Start a rhyming string and see if your children can think of a word to end it e.g. cat, mat, bat …?
  • Question whether two words rhyme together when you say them out loud.
  • Go about the house in search of rhyming objects e.g. star and car, truck and duck.


  • Practise saying different alliterative phrases so that your child can hear the same sounds e.g. ‘Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper’, ‘She sells sea-shells’.
  • Go on an alliteration walk in search of words starting with the same sound.
  • Create an alliteration bag, filled with objects all starting with the same sound.


  • Use a highlighter to create some patterns for your child to trace over using their pencil.
  • Print out or draw some dot to dot patterns for your child to join up using a pen or pencil.
  • Encourage your children to practise writing their name as much as possible in lots of different ways; using a pen or pencil or using their finger in the sand/mud etc.
  • Point out the letters of their names whilst out and about; on signs or posters etc.
  • Whenever your child creates their own picture, colouring, painting etc encourage them to write their name on it and ‘write’ what it is they have done. 


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