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sidemoor blue 2Welcome to Year 1 - Blue 1 and Blue 2 Classes


We were so lucky to have such beautiful weather again this morning for our Key Stage 1 Sports Morning! Thank you so much to all of the parents who turned...
Next week as part of our topic we will be making lighthouses in school with the children. Please could you send in any empty yogurt pots, kitchen rolls,...
Blue 2 had a wonderful afternoon learning some valuable First Aid skills with Flat Stan! We learned how to phone 999 in an emergency; how to put someone...
This week we were lucky enough to have a visit from the Life Caravan. The children had lots of fun learning all about being healthy! They also got to have...
We have started a new reading challenge today to see how many "minions" of books we can read this Summer in Blue 2! We want to encourage all of the...
We hope you have all had a super half-term break and that the children are all ready for their last half-term in Year 1! This year has gone so quickly!...
On Friday 18th May, Blue 2 had their Marble Reward afternoon. They had voted for a DVD and Pancake decorating. Not everyone liked pancakes so we had a...
On Friday 18th May we had our Outdoor Classroom Day. It was a beautiful sunny day so we thoroughly enjoyed getting outdoors to do our learning. In...
We have been writing our own versions of The Three Little Pigs and we decided to use our scientific skills to choose suitable materials to build a house...
After we had visited the farm, we were all very excited to find out which minibeasts lived around our school. We collected pots, nets and magnifying...
On Friday 4th May, Year 1 had an amazing day out at Lower Smite Farm! We took part in their Marvellous Minibeasts activities and we learnt lots of new...
We hope you have all had a wonderful Easter and are full of energy and ready to start a new half term! Please can you ensure your child has a water bottle...
The children are really starting to enjoy their books and reading is a great way of spending quality time together.  To help your child make progress...
The children have had a fun packed day today learning all about being an explorer in Antarctica.  Over this half term, the children will be learning...
Year 1 are excited to be going to Lower Smite Farm tomorrow to explore the wonders of Autumn.   Remember to wear layers of warm clothing, sensible...
Our topic this half term is....... What is special about where I live? This half term we will be learning about the geography of our local area and the...
Welcome to Year 1. In Blue 1 our class Teachers are Mrs Bush on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Overton on Thursday and Friday. Our Teaching...

Tadpole Watch

 We have been keeping a close eye on our tadpoles in class, when we first brought them in from the school pond the water was murky and a little bit smelly. Now the water has cleared and we can see several tadpoles swimming around. We have been using our underwater viewing scope to keep an eye out for any changes. Some of us think we can see little legs starting to grow. What can you see?


105 4169 Small


104 5181 Small 104 5172 Small


104 5177 Small 104 5180 Small




Our tadpoles have started to change and grow. They have now grown front legs and back legs.  Have a closer look, can you see them? 

 105 4273 Small copy  105 4274 Small


105 4275 Small



Our froglets have now become more active in the tank, jumping around on the rocks. On the Friday before half term a few of us went down with Mrs Maddocks and Miss Salsano to release the frogs back into the school pond. They hopped happily away as we thanked them for showing us the life cycle of a frog.


Summer Term Topic

Growing and changing




This half term we will be looking at the changes happening around us.  We will be researching the lifecycles of various living creatures and flowers.  In computing we will be looking at different types of animals and grouping them.  We will  use Word and PowerPoint to present our work.  Use the link below to help you research more at home:








Image result for flowers




We will be getting our hands dirty this term!  We will be planting seeds and watching them grow.  Click on the link below to find out more about helping plants grow.





We will also be studying them as artists through observation and looking at the work of Vincent Van Gogh.

 What can you find out about Vincent Van Gogh?





 We have been learning the story of the Udala Tree.  We listened to the story and joined in.  We made a class story tree and plooted the story onto it.  Can you tell the story to an adult? 






We will be thinking about number and how we can use both mental maths and jottings to help us solve problems.  We will look at multiplication and division of number.  Try the links below!

Function Wheel - can you use your mental maths to round up to the next ten?




Grouping - can you divide  the different objects by grouping them?



Multiplication - can you count in twos and tens?


Calculation balance - can you use your number bonds to 10 to balance the scales?


What about your number bonds to 20?



Show and Tell


Show and Tell os every Thursday.  The children can bring in any topic based work they have done or any certificates/medals they have been awarded outside school.



 PE Kits


Could all Pe kits be named please as it makes it much easier for any lost items to be returned.

Thank you.


Water Bottles

 As the weather is set to warm up, don't forget to bring in a water bottle and to take it home every Friday.


Blue 1 March 2015

Yum Yum in my Tum Cafe

yum yum in my tum

Year one will be opening their cafes on Friday at 2:30pm. We will be serving healthy snacks and drinks which the children will be designing and making for Healthy Living Week. All year one parents, carers and grandparents are welcome.


In preparation for your visit to Yum Yum in my Tum Cafe, we in Blue 1 have been busy tasting food to give you the best combination in your healthy snack.

105 3939 Small  105 3943 Small

A full table ready to taste. Oooo that was a bit sour Sophie.

105 3962 Small  105 3966 Small

I don't think I like that one. Was that a bit sour Ruby?

105 3969 Small  105 3975 Small

How was the orange pepper Finley? Oooo that's a bit hot!

105 3995 Small

A little bit spicy! 





 lost and found


We have been reading the story Lost and Found. The children have been writing their own 'found' posters. They have been writing diary entries and descriptions based on the story. 


105 4016 Small


105 4018 Small



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