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Blue 1 March 2015

Yum Yum in my Tum Cafe

yum yum in my tum

Year one will be opening their cafes on Friday at 2:30pm. We will be serving healthy snacks and drinks which the children will be designing and making for Healthy Living Week. All year one parents, carers and grandparents are welcome.


In preparation for your visit to Yum Yum in my Tum Cafe, we in Blue 1 have been busy tasting food to give you the best combination in your healthy snack.

105 3939 Small  105 3943 Small

A full table ready to taste. Oooo that was a bit sour Sophie.

105 3962 Small  105 3966 Small

I don't think I like that one. Was that a bit sour Ruby?

105 3969 Small  105 3975 Small

How was the orange pepper Finley? Oooo that's a bit hot!

105 3995 Small

A little bit spicy! 





 lost and found


We have been reading the story Lost and Found. The children have been writing their own 'found' posters. They have been writing diary entries and descriptions based on the story. 


105 4016 Small


105 4018 Small



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