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Tadpole Watch

 We have been keeping a close eye on our tadpoles in class, when we first brought them in from the school pond the water was murky and a little bit smelly. Now the water has cleared and we can see several tadpoles swimming around. We have been using our underwater viewing scope to keep an eye out for any changes. Some of us think we can see little legs starting to grow. What can you see?


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104 5181 Small 104 5172 Small


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Our tadpoles have started to change and grow. They have now grown front legs and back legs.  Have a closer look, can you see them? 

 105 4273 Small copy  105 4274 Small


105 4275 Small



Our froglets have now become more active in the tank, jumping around on the rocks. On the Friday before half term a few of us went down with Mrs Maddocks and Miss Salsano to release the frogs back into the school pond. They hopped happily away as we thanked them for showing us the life cycle of a frog.



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