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sidemoor green 2Welcome to Year 3 - Green 1 & Green 2 Classes


artistic-aprons  In Year 3, the children are having the opportunity to develop lots of skills such as cooking, teamwork and gardening. In preparation for gardening...
minpin-mysteryIn Year 3, we've started to use the text 'The Minpins' by Roald Dahl and the children have been thoroughly enjoying it. At the start of our topic, we...
vertebrate-or-invertebrateIn science, we have been looking at lots of different animals to find out whether they are a vertebrate or an invertebrate. A vertebrate is an animal with...
music-explorationIn music this term, Green 1 have been looking at the composition of music. We have listened and interpreted 'Peter and the Wolf' and have investigated why...
british-science-weekEvery year, there is one week of the year that is dedicated to Science. This year, the focus of British Science Week was exploration and discovery. As...
when-year-3-went-to-chedworthAt the end of our 'Why the Romans came to Britain' topic, we were very lucky to have the opportunity to visit a real life Roman villa. The children seemed...
maths-workshop During Spring 1, the whole school were lucky enough to have a visit from 'The Happy Puzzle Company'. During the day, the children had access to a...
we-have-been-learning-how-toPlay the violin! For the first part of the year, Green 1 have been learning how to play the violin with Mrs M! They have learnt the names of the different...
money-mastersThis week, we have been learning all about money. We have looked at solving problems involving different amounts, converting between pounds and pence (and...
escape-from-pompeiiIn English, Year 3 have been reading a narrative called 'Escape from Pompeii' which relates to our Romans topic. We have enjoyed reading about the...
Sidemoor First School has decided to participate in this year's Big Battery Hunt. This initiative is jointly organised by the National Schools...
magnets-and-force In Science this half term, Year 3 are focusing on investigating magnets and forces. Yesterday, we conducted an experiment to see which magnet would hold...
Year 3 are in full swing with their new topic 'What did the Romans do for us?' and have found out lots of interesting information including the areas the...
gymnastics-festivalOn Wednesday, Year 3 visited the Dolphin Centre to take part in a gymnastics masterclass. The children were taught by 'Young Leaders' from Alvechurch...
christmas-carol-serviceToday (13th December), KS2 performed their carol service for their parents. After a period of bad weather, we had to move our service from the church to...
around-the-world-homework-showcaseAfter experiencing their topic day, the children had the opportunity to share the creations that they had made at home in relation to this topic. Year...
around-the-world-dayTo celebrate the end of our topic, we had an Around the World Day. We dressed up in clothing from another country and began our day by researching our...
maths-detectivesn Year 3 this week, we have been focusing on getting better at multiplying and dividing in relation to our 3 and 4x tables. We were set a challenge to...
Our new topic for this term is 'Where in the world are we?'. We began our topic by tasting food from different cultures and locating them on a world map....
homework-showcaseTo finish our Stone Age topic, we had a Home Learning Showcase afternoon. We invited our families to come and look at everyone's home learning activities....
As part of the Stone Age topic, Year 3 were lucky enough to visit Bishops Wood Field Centre. During the day, the children were transported through the...
Remember to check bookbags for important information! This week we will be sending home a topic web for our topic 'The Stone Age'. It will show you...
welcome-to-year-3  Welcome to Year 3!!               We hope you have had a lovely summer holiday and are looking...

Gym Fest

On Tuesday 23rd June, Green 2 went to a 'Gym Fest' at Meadows First School. They took part in a range of different activities and worked with children from other schools. They really enjoyed playing on the vault and on the spring board.


Here is a question to think about at home:

If you were a time traveller, where would you travel to and what would you want to find out about?


Bring in any answers you want to share at school!

Challenge Week

In challenge week the children really enjoyed creating a number of things for 'The Malvern Show'. We decorated glass bottles, went to Blackwell court, made mini beasts and visited the forest. The children then put on an assembly to all parents! They have lots of fun!


The year 3 children have really enjoyed their swimming lessons this year and have all managed to achieve a stage! Well done!

Play to Learn

This year the year 3 children have really enjoyed learning the violin and cornett in our 'Play to Learn' topic. They have been able to play a number of different tunes and will be performing their final concert soon!

Tri Golf Tournament

On 6th May 2015 eight Key Stage Two children took part in a Tri Golf festival at Bromsgrove Golf Centre. Here they took part in various activities and also had the opportunity to go on the driving range. They competed against other local teams.

Our Church Crawl

On Thursday 16th April year 3 and 4 went on a church crawl around Bromsgrove. We visited the Baptist church and the Methodist Centre in the morning. Here we looked at different Christian symbols and also saw a baptistry. We then had lunch in Sanders park. In the afternoon we looked at St John's Church and compared this to the others we had seen in the morning. We had a lovely day and enjoyed listening to people from the churches tell us all about why their church is special.

Our New Summer Term Topics

This term our topic is World War Two

We will be finding out all about what life was like for a child in WWII.


In Science we will be looking at Forces. We will learn all about the different forces and complete some experiments.

We will then be looking at plants and what they need to survive.


In PE, we will be learning a WWII dance and developing our catching skills and playing games such as netball and tennis. We will then look at athletics and complete some outdoor adventurous activites, for example orienteering. 


In RE, we will be learning about Angels.


In ICT, we will be looking at using the computers to compase a piece of music.


Some of green 1 and green 2 will be going swimming!


On Tuesday 10th March the year 3 children went to Parkside for the afternoon. They took part in a multi-skills afternoon run by the sports leaders at Parkside. They had a lovely afternoon and showed some super skills during the activities.

Our visit from the stone giant

Last term, we had a visit from the stone giant. He came into school and left his footprints behind!

We looked at some instructions of how to trap him. We acted them out together.

Finally, we researched a new mythical creature and wrote our own instructions for how to capture it.







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