More Able, Gifted & Talented

At Sidemoor we strive to ensure that all children achieve their full potential. Our curriculum is broad and balanced, giving opportunities for children‘s gifts and talents to be recognised. The schools creative approach allows all children, including the more able, to flourish and be challenged. All children are given individual ‘next steps’ to work on, and learning is personalised wherever possible. 

We feel that it is important to identify and challenge our more able pupils. Teachers provide activities that will extend their work and support progress. Children are grouped according to ability in some literacy and numeracy lessons, and work is differentiated accordingly. Extension may also be through targeted questioning and independent research.

We also recognise and value the skills and talents of more able children in the fields of Art, Drama, Music, Sport and other life enriching areas and aim to encourage and develop their abilities. Children are identified through ongoing teacher assessments and a register of more able pupils is kept and monitored by the G&T co-ordinator. The progress of the more able pupils is tracked by the co-ordinator for Gifted and Talented.

Provision for G&T or more able pupils is through differentiated activities that are more open ended or problem solving based activities. Pupils who we deem to be gifted and talented or more able and highly motivated in a particular curriculum area may be given an opportunity to take part in workshops at Parkside Middle school, or at schools within the town. We are part of the Gifted and Talented Partnership in Bromsgrove. This involves offering workshops to schools within the town and children from Sidemoor attending workshops outside school.

Approximately 10% of a class could be identified as Gifted and Talented/More Able and this is subject to change, dependent on the performance of the class. It is likely that children will move on and off the register at different points throughout their school life.

What ‘gifted and talented’ means:

 ‘Gifted and talented’ describes children with the ability or potential to develop significantly ahead of their peers:

 ‘Gifted’ learners are those with abilities in one or more academic subjects, such as Maths or English

 ‘Talented’ learners are those who have skills in areas such as sport, music, design or creative and performing arts.


Gifted and Talented Provision Pyramid