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Career Aspirations Day

As part of our 10 year celebrations, children at Sidemoor have been looking forward to the future as part of 'Aspirations Week'. On Thursday 27th April, they were treated to a special day where parents gave up their time to come into school and talk about their careers. Children were given a taste of what it is like in the work place, and were left inspired by just how many jobs there are out there for them when they are older! 


As you can see from the pictures below, it was a very action-packed day!




aspiration day 1

aspiration day 4

aspiration day 2

aspiration day 3

Computer Programming

aspiration day 5

aspiration day 6

aspiration day 7

aspiration day 8

Dusting for prints!

aspiration day 9

Environmental health...

aspiration day 10

...how clean are your hands?

aspiration day 11

dog 1

dog 2


aspiration day 19

aspiration day 20

Mrs Jones told children about being a Headteacher!



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