Sidemoor Governing Body

The Governing Body of a school is made up of volunteers who are committed to supporting and challenging the Head Teacher to ensure that each child receives the best possible education and experience of school, in line with our Vision Statement.  Their role is to be involved with the school self-evaluation, shape its strategic direction, support as a critical friend, make sure that performance is improving, understand any weaknesses and ensure the school provides value for money.

While it is the job of the Headteacher and staff to run a school, the Governors are responsible for making sure that it is run well and challenging the school. This is done by monitoring the school’s performance, approving all major decisions and reporting back to parents and government officials.

Governors have to be held accountable to the school stakeholders (e.g pupils, parents, staff and the local community). Having a broad range of experiences outside the school environment helps to bring a wider perspective on the everyday challenges faced by every school.  This is why the governing team is chosen from a variety of backgrounds, consisting of:

  • Parent governors who have a child at the school and are elected by other parents.
  • Teacher governors who work at the school and are elected by other teachers.
  • Staff governors who are members of the non-teaching/support staff at the school and are elected by their colleagues.
  • Local authority (LA) governors who are appointed by the Council through the political parties.
  • Co-opted governors who are appointed by other governors as representatives of the wider local community, as business representatives, or because of particular skills that they can bring to the governing body.
  • Head teachers can choose whether or not to be a governor at their school.

No one member of the Governing Body is any more important than any other and decisions rest with the whole Body.  The main work is carried out through a series of Committees with specific responsibilities and Governors visit school as often as they can to get a sense of the place at work.  Each year the Governors vote for a Chair and Vice Chair.   The Governors can be contacted through the school office.

Other Governing Committees

Due to the number of responsibilities held by the governors, committees have been set up to focus on particular areas.  Members of these committees often have particular skills within certain areas which help to ensure understanding. These committees then feedback their findings to the full governing body.

Finance and Personnel Committee

Scrutiny Committee

Headteacher Performance Management


The full Governing Body usually meets once a term, unless there are specific issues which need to be discussed urgently but they are currently meeting monthly to monitor the school's Ofsted Action Plan. 

The individual committees each meet at least once a term and feed back to the full governing board.  Individual committees are also often involved in specific pieces of work and reports such as budget reviews or health and safety returns.

In between meetings governors carry out tasks and visits to ensure they meet their key roles.  They then report back their findings at the governing meetings.

Governor Meeting Attendance Record 2017 - 2018

Sidemoor Governor Meeting Attendance Record 

The Sidemoor Governing Team

Name Role Additional Responsibilities Term of Office 

Declarations of Interest

- Other School Governor posts held

- Business and other interests declared

- Connections to staff

Andrew Reece Parent Governor


Scrutiny Committee

01.11.17-31.10.21 None

Katie Reilly

Co-opted Governor

Finance & Personnel

Scrutiny Committee

Special Educational Needs


09.11.15 -08.11.19 None
Chris Wright Co-opted Governor Safeguarding   None
Adam Wilkes Parent Governor     None
Ian Hannis Parent Governor     None
Mrs Round Staff Governor      
Mrs Hussain Headteacher      

Key Roles of Governors

      Setting Strategic Direction

Responsibility for the day to day management of the school lies with the Headteacher.  The Governing Body is responsible for working with the leaders in school to ensure there is a longer term strategy for school improvement.

This is done by Governors being involved in reviewing the School Improvement Plan which is produced each year.  This plan sets overall targets for the school.  These overall targets are then fed into targets for the Headteacher and for individual teachers.

     Ensuring Accountability

The Headteacher prepares the school budgets and decides how the money received from government is spent.  The governing team provide challenge to make sure money is well spent.

Any large expenditure must be approved by the Governors in advance.

      Monitoring and Evaluating School Performance

The Headteacher produces a termly report to governors highlighting the key things that are happening at school.  This will include key achievements as well as things that are being worked on going forward.

An annual report is also produced by the school and government showing the results of pupils in comparison to national levels.  This is called the ASP report.  Governors review this report and make sure that the school is performing well compared to similar schools nationally.

Governors visit the school to see that overall procedures and specific targets are being addressed.  This includes visiting classes to make sure that procedures are actually carried out in practice. It will also involve visiting individual classes and looking at a range of children’s work across all abilities.

     Other Considerations

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is part of school life and this is also taken into account when setting targets for the school.  This might include school trips, visitors to the school, after school clubs etc.

The results of pupils with special needs and those receiving free school meals are monitored to ensure that they are improving appropriately.  These results are shown separately on the ASP report.  The results Governors see are anonymous (and only the total figures) so individual children cannot be identified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a parent governor speak to a teacher on my behalf about a problem?

Governors do not deal with issues between individual parents and teachers or staff.  Parents should discuss any problems directly with the teachers involved and then, if necessary, the headteacher.  The governors’ role is to make sure that these procedures are followed and only then to help resolve any ongoing issues.

Are parent governors there to present the views of all of the parents?

Parent governors do not represent all of the other parents - it would be impossible to represent the views of everyone without consulting every parent on every issue.  However, parent governors are independent and do use their experiences of being a parent at Sidemoor to help make decisions which they believe are best for the school as a whole. 

Do governors check if a teacher is doing their job well?

Governors visit the school to see that overall procedures and specific targets are being addressed but do not assess individual teachers. 

Do governors look at individual pupils work to see they are performing well?

Governors do not assess individual pupils.  They do review individuals work to see a range of abilities and ensure that progress is being made during the year for all abilities.  This is a requirement of their classroom visits and is an important part of their role.

Does being a governor take up a lot of time?

Full Governing body meetings take place in the evening once a term.  Most governors are also on a specific committee which again meets once a term.

There are a number of reports to be read and reviewed each year and you may be expected to attend one or two training sessions.  You may also need to spend some time in school or researching online so that you understand these reports.

Additional work is undertaken largely ad-hoc to support your knowledge of the school or carry out specific tasks.  This can be as little or as much time as you feel you need to spend in order to support the leadership team and also gain an ongoing understanding of the schools current performance.

Attending some school events is also a nice idea.

How do you become a parent governor?

Parent governors are elected for a 4 year term of office.  When there is a parent governor vacancy, if someone resigns or comes to the end of their 4 years, all parents will be notified and any parent with a child in the school can apply.  If more than one person applies for a vacancy you will need to write a paragraph which will be sent out to parents who will then vote.